Once upon a bean...


Once upon a time (in December 2014) we arrived to Costa Rica, after a surprising turn of events in our adventures. Just one month into our stay on the beaches of Nosara, we encountered our first cocoa bean. It was introduced to us in its raw form, considered a superfood.


We became increasingly curious about this loved-by-all substance and set out on a journey to learn all we could about the origins and making of chocolate, which began on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, with Paul Johnson of Caribeans Chocolate, as our teacher.


We spent 1.5 years in the land of birds, rain and cocoa. We then set out to begin the American chapter of our story, continuing our affair with chocolate, and in April 2016 we landed in Denver, Colorado. We got acquainted with Steve DeVries, who became a dear friend who had enlightened our path in more than one way. We opened our small factory and as of this very moment, more sweet chapters are being written in the book of our adventures.


We hope you enjoy our chocolates as much as we enjoy making them!

~ Gila & Joel Dar

DAR CHOCOLATE | Denver handcrafted chocolate
DAR CHOCOLATE | Denver handcrafted chocolate

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