Chocolate Flight Tasting Tips

Before and between each tasting of different chocolates, we recommend cleansing the palette with lukewarm or sparkling water, or a cracker.

5 senses are involved in chocolate tasting:



First of all, note the sheen and color.



Break off a piece and listen to the “Snap”



Slowly and deeply inhale the fragrance of the chocolate



place a small piece of chocolate on your tongue. Explore it’s texture



As the chocolate melts in your mouth, notice the aroma and taste that appear as the melt progresses.


Examples for aromas and tastes that can be found in chocolate: floral, fruity, caramel, nutty, tobacco, leather, raisin, cherry, berries, citrus, bitter, astringent, jasmine, roses, spices… or anything else you taste on your palette!


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