The Beans

That Make Our Chocolate

During our first encounter with the Bean-To-Bar chocolate concept, (AKA "pure chocolate" with 2 ingredients only), we became aware of the whole process and journey of a bean until it becomes a chocolate bar. 


Beginning at a remote farm, somewhere in the tropics, this delicate tree is carefully tended to until it is time to harvest. Within a few days, the beans are taken out of the pods, and are fermented for about 1 week, then dried, using methods that haven't changed for centuries. 

This long process and hard work is the source and origin of the main ingredient for making chocolate. For us It is worth almost any price. 


At our first chocolate-making lesson with our teacher, Paul Johnson (of Caribeans Chocolate in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica), we learned that he pays the farmers more for their beans than the market prices. It is simply more fair and better represents the value of their work and commodity. It also encourages farmers to continue and develop their plantations, knowing they can get descent prices for their efforts. 


This became our number one rule: to source our beans from different origins, either directly or from an ethically responsible importer. While sourcing directly, we know how the cacao was grown and treated, and we know that the farmers work under fair conditions and are well paid. Our Costa Rican beans are directly sourced and fermented by our colleague Robert Hunter, of CR Cacao, in Parritas. When buying from other suppliers, we deal only with those who have the certification and reputation of fair and responsible trade.


Cacao is the ultimate carrier. It can carry not only flavors and odors, but also energy and vibes. The more good energy and vibes that surround the beans on their journey to becoming a bar, the better chocolate it will make and feelings it will deliver to its final destination.


Side by side we have discovered the magic of the pure minimum-ingredient chocolate. It can be so versatile depending on the recipe and the way it is created. Give the same beans to ten different chocolate makers, and you will get ten different chocolates! We have become passionate about exploring different types of beans, with different recipes of roasting and varying intensities. We are continuously on the search for the ultimate flavor experience, which of course does not exist! 


Our goal remains to create chocolate from beans that are carefully selected and find their unique character to develop them into chocolate that, once melted in the mouth, is a sensual journey of flavor, aroma and texture.


Every journey is an experience, and every experience is a good one if only we accept that the journey itself is what matters… no matter what your destination.


We hope you will enjoy our chocolates at least as much as we enjoyed making them..

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