At DAR CHOCOLATE we handcraft real chocolate. Using 2 ingredients only (cacao beans and sugar), we sort, winnow and grind the beans, then refine and temper our chocolate into luscious bars.


After spending 1.5 years touring and learning in Costa Rica, we opened a small artisanal chocolate factory in Denver. 

Combining our creative backgrounds and sensitive palettes, we are bringing fine, handcrafted chocolate to Colorado. 

Hope to do some tasting with you!

Gila & Joel

Gila, Dar Chocolate owner
Joel, Dar Chocolate owner

Real Chocolate

for chocolate lovers


Open up to a world of unknown taste as you re-discover chocolate - from the cacao bean all the way to a delicious chocolate bar!

You will be taken along a path of the making of chocolate, tasting beans, sipping a hot chocolate drink, pairing with other flavors and making a personal bar (optional) with your favorite extras.

Suitable for kids, groups and families.


For more information, call 720-229-2450 or Contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

We will never use your email and other contact details for any purpose other than contacting you regarding our Real Chocolate Making Workshop.

4-6 participants $35-$45 each, depending on type of event.
For an adults-only event, you may bring a bottle of wine and enjoy some pairing with chocolate.
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Workshops take place at the client's home. Contact us for a tour of our factory.

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